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March of the Red Beans

A Cajun piece written and performed by Steve Croes. © Steve Croes 2021

The Loser

Geoffrey Lewis created “Celestial Navigations,” and produced a number of outstanding compilations. Music is by Geoff Levin, who composes for film and TV in Hollywood.

Old Lady From Booster

Old Lady from Booster is from “Been in the Storm So Long,” an extraordinary collection of folk tales, shouts and children’s games from the people of Johns Island, South Carolina. Their unique culture, called “Gulla,” embodies some of the oldest forms of African American folklife in the U.S. 1:02

Baghdad Without A Map

Tony Horwitz was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who covered wars in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe for the Wall Street Journal. He gave me permission to record this excerpt thirty years ago, when things in Iraq were—pretty much the same as they are now. The writer passed in 2019.

Dome Epais

The opera Lakmé, was first performed in Paris in 1883.

West Cork

West Cork

West Cork, Ireland is an outpost at the edge of Europe. Rugged windswept and coastal, it was a place of farmers and fisherman until the 1960’s, when it was discovered by the ‘blow-in’s.’ People who drove until the road ran out, artists and urban runaways – a haven for those ready to turn their backs on their old lives and start again. But then there was a murder in West Cork, and overnight, everything changed. West Cork is an original production from Audible. We excerpted half of the first 27 minute segment, and you can listen to all 13 episodes—at Audible—West Cork.  I highly recommend…Audible maintains a vast selection of spoken word entertainment including superbly produced original content.

My Dinner With Frank Sinatra

You had to be there—well, you are, sort of. After a show, comedian Dennis Miller takes his mom and his kid’s nanny to meet Frank.  


Mechanical Man

I’m a mechanical man Got a mechancial style A mechanical tan and a mechanical smile well a long seasonal rain put a bad rock in my roll and a blue metal refrain in my mechanical soul (chorus) I’m no coming, attraction from some dubious galaxy I’m no starman, in action just mechanical me   In an Austrian town in a Teslanian mode I went upscale and then down and got is solely owned by SageLang, Inc., a California Corporation