What They Say About Train of Thought...

Train of Thought is Sophisticated Hybrid, Intriguing in Its Possibilities

 The production is a slick piece of work, opening with a rumble of tribal drums, the first in a series of graceful aural segues into bop, word jazz and other offbeat song structures, all emotionally infused. Spoken word offerings include excerpts from Wall Street Journal reporter Tony Horowitz’s Baghdad Without A Map. This is a sophisticated hybrid, intriguing in its possibilities.

The Perfect Traveling Companion.

THE PERFECT traveling companion on a long journey would be witty, sophisticated, an engaging story teller, musically talented and most important-would know when to shut up. That’s too much to expect from mere mortals, of course, so one of the best highway friends I’ve found recently is “Train of Thought,” an audio magazine bubbling with an eclectic mix of short stories, essays, humor, mystery, and music-all on one 90 program.

A Lively Mélange of Music and the Spoken Word

Books on Tape are swell companions but they demand prolonged concentration that’s not always possible when driving jogging or just puttering around the house. Not so with Train of Thought, a set of four audiotapes that invite repeated sampling

It Was Fun. It was Sophisticated. It was Bizarre!

Train of Thought Overcomes a Skeptic…it had panache and verve. It was fun. It was sophisticated. It was bizarre. I admired it more because it took courage to risk putting all this stuff together. But they succeeded. Train of Thought is greater than the sum of its parts. Unlike a book, which you are unlikely to start over again the minute you’ve finished it, this production begs for a second listen.

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