13. Stories Mother Told

Our podcast guest features folk tales which have had a major influence on African children. “Stories Mother Told” aims to bring them to a new generation of African youth—and to you, too. Today’s tale is from the Hausa Tribe in Nigeria. It is a story of hard work, kindness and selflessness. As Fourrell, the podcast’s talented narrator says, “Sit back, relax and enjoy.” 3:56

Stories Mother Told

…about Stories Mother Told: Born in Nigeria, Fourrell’s evenings were often spent sitting under the moonlight, listening to and sharing stories. He moved to Australia at the age of 13 and as he got older, realized that the stories he grew up on were no longer being told to kids. This was the inspiration for Stories Mother Told, a platform to preserve the art of oral storytelling and also share these stories with everyone. Fourrell, 25, is a Security IT Engineer by day. He also runs a digital media company focused on highlighting black creatives in Australia.

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