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This (Vol-1) is the original Train of Thought which I produced—a while ago. The 2021 incarnation of the series adds extended samples of leading-edge podcasts from all across the globe.  As regards to the other “vintage” productions—look for Vol-2, “Wild Things,” Vol-3 ” Go West,” and Vol-4 “Loose Lips,”on this site, soon.


1) MARCH OF THE RED BEANS is a Cajun-flavored piece by artist, Steve Croes. Steve was a major session player/arranger in Los Angeles before heading east to became a dean of the Berkley Music School.


2) THE LOSER is by the late Geoffrey Lewis, from an audio series entitled “Celestial Navigations” in which Lewis carries on the ancient, timeless tradition of storytelling. 


3) MR. CITY was written and performed by Ken Nordine, the originator of Word Jazz Nordine was a voice-over talent, writer—and a major player the the TV and advertising world. www.wordjazz.com


4) The sparkling fiddle you hear next is known as, Wicked Good Fiddling From New England.  


5) BAGHDAD WITHOUT A MAP is a book of hilarity and horror about hanging out in the Middle East. It was written by the late Tony Horwitz, a Wall Street Journal reporter and intrepid traveler. I highly recommend his books.


6) OLD LADY FROM BOOSTER  is from “Been in the Storm So Long,” an extraordinary collection of folk tales, shouts and children’s games from the people of Johns Island, South Carolina. It was recorded in the early 1960’s by Smithsonian Folkways. History, tradition and poetry shine through in this child’s game, sung by Janie Hunter in her home.


7) COLUMBUS is a gem of a song purely sung by Mary Black, and written by Noel Brazil. Blix Street Records—Bill Straw, are you out there?


8) Next is a strange and erotic short story by Truman Capote titled MUSIC FOR CHAMELEONS—Scented with nostalgia and the Haitian Seas. Read by Philip Clarke, with music by Mozart.


9) STORIES FROM MOUNTAINS, SWAMPS and HONKEY-TONKS is a moment of regional humor from the legendary Brownie Ford, followed by him singing, This Old House


“THE SPILL” was written and performed by Steve Croes.


TRAVELOGUE  After World War One, some guys sat around a conference table and invented Yugoslavia. This sort of thing seldom ends well. In 1989 I took a wrong turn in Trieste, Italy, and wound up on a tour from hell. 


FUM FUM FUM is a traditional Christmas folk song from Catalan which may seem vaguely familiar. It is sung here with great artistry by Morgan Ames and The Inner Voices.  


LE TRATEUR is a tale written by Jude Roy and commendably read by Jeremy Gage. It is a moving story about a boy, his father, Cajun country—and of healers and that which can’t be healed.


OH TITE FILLE is a Basin Brothers tune.


ON HOPE is the simple title of a fascinating story written by Spencer Holst. It tells of a Gypsy animal trainer and a “demon monkey” who steals the Hope Diamond. Read by veteran voice over actress, Cedering Fox.


REEL DU TINGTANG, is wildly performed by fiddler Frank Ferrel.


TRAIN OF THOUGHT, written by Bernard Cooper, is the best essay I’ve ever read (or listened to). It first appeared in the Gettysburg Review” in a special issue on trains and railroads. 


Lullaby OF BIRD LAND, is played by the Earl Palmer Trio.


We are updating Train of Thought Volumes 1-4 and finishing up the new 2021 incarnation. The plan is to release a new Train of Thought every month. 


Best Wishes,


Jeff Knowles

Laguna Beach,  CA

June 2021

Train of Thought

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