11. Train of Thought – story

Get ready for a “clattering onslaught of thought…big overloaded boxcars of thought, thoughts linked together and barreling by—” Writer, Bernard Cooper is based in Hollywood. This piece first appeared in the ” Gettysburg Review ” for a special issue on trains and railroads.

Maps to Anywhere, Bernard Cooper

The essays in Maps to Anywhere plot terrain that is at once familiar and subtly strange. Writing on subjects ranging from his family to the origin of the barbershop pole, Bernard Cooper digs into the glimmering surface of the southern California landscape, observing the collision of the of the American Dream with the realities of everyday life. From the fragments, he discovers landmarks by which he attempts to make sense of contemporary America.

BERNARD COOPER is the author of Guess Again, A Year of Rhymes, and Truth Serum. He has won numerous awards, including an O. Henry Prize, a PEN/Ernest Hemingway Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Getty Center for the Arts and Humanities Fellowship. He has taught at Antioch University, Los Angeles, and the UCLA Writer’s Program.

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